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Dont these terrorists and such insane folks have no other job? They are much more than a migraine now.  What was considered to be a never ever target has now become the soft target of these terrorists. The latest dastardly attack on the touring Sri Lankan cricketers, near the Lahore stadium in Pakistan make us all the more worried about Pakistan. The horrific memories of Mumbai incident on 26/21/2008 are still ringing and now in the backdrop here is one which happened in the place it originated.  I am hurt and saddened to see and hear these incidents happening again and again.  By all means, these attacks are well planned operations and surely must have a background which cant be beyond the know hows of supporters and the territorial government. Will this be a wake up call to eliminate the terror network. They say cricket is a religion.  Which religion? Fanatics from all religion made a mess in the name of cricket and otherwise.  It is time for the  entire population of Pakistan to come out in public and express a solidarity and say, “you terrorists made a mess of this world and you have no support from us, whatsoever”. Same pledge should be made by everyone in India, Srilanka and even Bangladesh. Terrorism cannot be justified, whether it is internal or external. This applies to not only to Jihadis, but also to folks like Ram sena and LTTE. All the doctrines which insists killing innocent section of population are of the same colour and they don’t deserve a piece of sympathy.  The troubles of our times is getting worsened, ever so deeply. I am lost to get a feel of these fanatics. All these youth armed with AK47 should have been pillars of building a nation; alas! these very promising prodigies are sadly dragged, into those filthy cause in the name of religion and ethnic freedom! Terrible.

I feel sorry for Sri lanka who went ahead to express solidarity to a nation which was deprived of cricket by every other nation including India.  They were promised express security! yet, in the end caught in the fallacy. Same sympathy to Pakistan normal folks who, to their innocence are denied of watching an international cricket game in their land.  Now is the time to stand up and say, strongly against the doctrines which advocates terror. Act now, please…. Humanity is in danger at the hands of these cruel terrorists.  Nurturing a wicked terrorist to kill your enemy can bite you back.  So, never do that.


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