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With 8 Gold discs from this single Olympics (besides the 6 at Athens in 2004 and 1 Medley on debu four years prior to that on debut), he rightly comes with the right to assume a definite spot in all the news paper sport pages. I didnt watch much of the Beijing 2008 Olympics on TV (nor youtube), but the coverage in most of the news papers are pretty allround. It is incredible to have this swimming demon scoring and breaking every possible records, when it comes to sprint on water. Comparisons are drawn to Spitz which is truly fair. Reckless as it sounds, few columns already appeared with vigorous claim that he is the best athlete of all time.  This is unfair and unwanted. The number of medals cannot just be the parameter to decide the greatness of the “all time great athtlete”. Well, one could call him the best swimmer or something like that. To me,  a Carl Lewis who excelled in different variety of atletic events, and that too consistently over a period of time marks among the pantheons of the all time greats. In anycase, it is impossible and at times irrelevant to call someone “all time great”.

By the way, I am glad to have many records being broken. It is imperative to scale higher as much as possible….with time!

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