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I was following the world chess championship pretty closely, in spite of the weak media coverage on this. What a treat to wake up in the morning to learn that Anand stays on as the champion. It is an extra ordinary achievement! Gelfand played very well and it was neck and neck until the games progressed to the fast track mode.  Even there, it wasn’t that sunlight  separated the two great players, but in the end Anand had that little extra and that can make the difference at the highest stage. As always, staying at the top is a harder task than reaching there. Stupendous champion!  Anand successfully did that not just once, but now three in a row. Salute the champion!

It is a mind blowing journey that Anand, who almost without any serious chess legacy in Indian schools (unlike USSR where chess was built into the Soviet system among kids) walked up and then conquered the world stage. Now he has successfully defended three strong stalwarts themselves Kramnik, Topalov and now Gelfand, all arguments must cease. Way to go Anand. You made my day and likely that for many others too. Feel proud!

Memories roll back to 1995 when Anand was challenging Kasparov at the World trade center event. It was much hyped and spiced up then. I remember Anand winning the 9th game and then Kasparov hitting back, much in expected lines from the great Kasparov,  albeit to the disappointment of many Anand fans.  Almost 20 years on and we are in different stage and Anand remain calm, so does the champion in him.

As expected the 11th game drawn and Anand one must say easily defended the world title. Congratulations Anand

He, more or less singlehandeldly changed the face of chess in India. Incredible. Not many can stand up and claim that he could trigger a sport enthusiasm in a country as big as India. A champion of a generation.


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