My name is Rethnakaran Pulikkoonattu. At this stage, you (and I) will have to content with this long name. But you could call me Ratna to ease up a little breath. At present, I am (back from work) at school as a graduate student at EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland). I am a communication system design engineer by profession.  I am just curious about pretty much every little things around us and often beyond. Usually problems of all kinds interests and enthuse me. Intellectually, one of them surely is digital communication theory (information theory). Besides I also like signal processing, error correcting codes, mathematics, graphs, networks, random matrices, open source softwares, semiconductors, design of system on chips and also finance (like everyone I too like money :-)). Reading books of all kinds,  writing on anything ranging from current events, politics, economics, sports to technology and maths is by far the closest thing I do in spare time. I enjoy pretty much all kind of music. These days, the trend is to listen the more melodies types. I play, watch and enjoy most of the sports. It is fair to say that, I am a decent cricket, tennis, badminton, carom, chess player (a moderate soccer player as well) and a good swimmer. Quizzing is another thing I enjoyed a lot earlier in my life, while traveling brought in the best excitement in life.  I am madly in love with my beautiful princess since school days.  As my closest friends jokingly says, it is all Maya around me:-) Thankfully, I am lucky to have made that decision that early in life. Indeed I am thrilled by this life and world.

If you ever (why?) want to contact me, then the easiest way is an Email to ratnuu at gmail. By the way, this is how I look:-)