My name is Rethna Pulikkoonattu. At this stage, you (and I) will have to content with this long name. At present, I am (back from work) at school as a graduate student at EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland). By profession, I am a communication system design engineer. I am passionate about communication theory. Besides that, I also like signal processing, error correcting codes, mathematics, graphs, networks, random matrices and off the technical grid, generally anything on socially progressive topics. I also like reading books of all kinds, serious writing on current events, science, math, politics, people, economics and sports. I play, watch and enjoy most of the sports. I am a decent cricket, tennis, badminton, and carom player (a moderate soccer player as well) and a good swimmer. Quizzing is another thing I enjoyed a lot earlier in my life, while traveling brought the best excitement in life.

The easiest way to reach me is by Email ratnuu at gmail