I am eagerly looking forward to tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the president Obama, interviewing the great David Attenborough. Two icons! Very few people captured the imagination of our wonderful world, the way David had done. His work over the years, filled with amazing visuals, stories and truly remarkable insights about our planet and its species has influenced my perception about life in general. He is a global treasure. His contribution to science and education surely complimented the works of Darwin and others. Thank you sir for showing the many beautiful things around us and our planet.

Without guessing, you can imagine, why I keep every one of his available blue ray as such valuable possessions!

The BBC interview is expected to get telecasted tomorrow (28th June 2015) 2.30 PST time. How I wish tomorrow came sooner.

As he moves to the 90s, couldn’t stop sharing the old video tribute from BBC. Let him live for many more years and open our eyes more.