I will be hanging in at Indian wells this week for the IEEE September interim session. More on the IEEE 802.11 development later (may be at the weekend wrap up). First let me say, this place is hot (scorching at 100 plus degree Fahrenheit, most of the time) and yet this side is so stunning and beautiful. The hilly terrains are a treat to watch. The drive from San Diego to this place, a mere 70miles, but more than three quarter of it is is simply breathtaking.

The day  ended pretty late. Had the 802.11ah session running till 9.30 PM. What did we do after that? Well, when in Indian wells, should we miss a game of tennis? Certainly not. Nihar, myself and Carlos had an hour of tennis session at the Hyatt courts. These are by far the best courts I have ever played. True and good bounce, nicely maintained too. I heard when Federer and co comes for the Paribas open, they go for hits here! Just had a shower and now I am off to sleep. Need to wake up early as well.

A few snaps I took on the way are placed at the bottom. Hopefully, I get to capture a few more towards the weekend. There are tons of Palm spring photos in the web, but I like this one in particular.