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The IEEE plenary (I was largely following only 802.11 variants, more specifically ac, af and ah alone) was here in downtown San Diego and was largely busy with that. Syria trouble, Rajesh Khanna’s passing away and the horrific theater shooting at Colarado were the other prominent news of this week.

At the IEEE front, 802.11ac draft 3.0 passed the motion. That is the main milestone in terms of ac progress. 802.11af also will have a first draft soon, which is good.

Rajesh Khanna, the super star of yesteryear passed away. I was never into serious Bollywood watching (especially while growing up), but heard many stories of how the young girls worshipped this Bollywood hero in his hay days, writing love letters with own blood etc. Recently, I’d met an Armanian born (now may be in the 50s) Piano teacher  who fondly recollected her teenage days worshipping the hot Indian hero. Well, if you think that is interesting, her mom, now a 90 year old grandma in silver has tears when she saw the Indianness in me; You know why? She was a Raj Kapoor fan!  Anyway, Rajesh Khanna (kaka as he is fondly known as)’s charm had crossed the boundary far lands away from Bombay.

I leave you with a nice view of the Coronardo island and San Diego bay from the Manchester Hyatt.

The news from Syria and the Colarado shooting made the week all the more disturbing.


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