Quite shocked to hear the news of Peter Roebuck‘s sudden demise. An incredible cricket columnist Peter was and it was always a wonder to me, on how well he analyzes the games. The earliest recollection of his name to me was when I heard the story about he firing the greats Viv Richards and Joel Garner, the aftermath of which resulted inIan Botham changing the playing county from Somerset etc. Irrespective of his famous acrimony with the stars of that era, his cricketing analysis skill is unparallell. A huge loss to cricket, especially test cricket writing. Hard to think of a natural death for a Wisden award winning cricketer and a man known to be of such strong will, but never know. I hope it is not one of those David Hooke’s kind of story. A tremendous loss to cricket writing.

Come to think of it, I remember his recent article on Australia’s 21/9 collapse in the first test against the South Africans. If that was a tragedy, his death is an even bigger one. After all, cricket was just  a game, but death, boy!