I woke up touch early (4am) to watch the final day of the fourth India-England test match at Oval. First, I checked cricinfo and wow, Tendulkar was still batting. After a series of troubles and time outs, I managed to find one video streaming link. He wasn’t at the imperial best, but all looked set for that 100th 100. Other than that momentary hope, there was not even a glimpse of hope in the test match result. Anyway, much like the millions (or billions) all across the globe, I waited to see that 100. But alas! On 91, yet again a 90s misfortune for Tendulkar. Out LBW, somewhat contentious, but not overly outrageous a decision by an umpire anyway. He wasn’t at his imperial best in this series, but he was looking good for one to make that 100th number. Now, we will have to wait again for more from the great man.

Now the England white wash over India in a 4 test match series. The BCCI and the much hopeless cricket administration is putting the nails on the test cricket coffin. What a pity! For them IPL is the cash cow. Everything else is just for time pass. When a lot of money is poured in, even the most respected commentators and ex test cricket players have swallowed tongues. No one will put a blame on preparation. An IPL soon after world cup have paid more than damage to Indian cricket. Half fit players for an all important test series? In the end, made a mockery of test cricket!