I was long curious about the origin of the name San Diego. I feel ashamed of myself if I don’t know a bit of history of the place where I stay. As far as history is concerned, to a decent extend, I was indeed aware about the history of California, including San Diego. But, I didn’t know where the name San Diego originated from. Thanks to this and a bunch of Google/Wikipedia hits, here I know why San Diego!

Here is the official explanation behind the name San Diego, at least per San Diego Historical Society.  The Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcanio arrived San Diego from the Mexican coast of Acapulco . This was in the year 1602 and it took. He had departed Acapulco with four ships on May 5, 1602 and only three of them, his flagship ship being San Diego, made it to what is now known as San Diego bay.  Besides the flagship ship named San Diego, he had two other ships arrived at the bay. They are the San Tomás and the Tres Reyes. The exact date (as per history) of his arrival in San Diego bay is November 10, 1602. Acapulco found no qualms in naming the new coastal area by his flagship ship name and hence we now live in the beautiful San Diego and not San Thomas or Tres Reyes, huh! Apparently, there was another reason why Acapulco chose San Diego. It was to honor the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá.