One thing I like (besides it being an absolute gem of  a search genie) about Google is their customized logos, usually marking the day in history. Today, on Pierre de Fermat’s b’day they setup a nice and cute logo. On the logo, the famous Fermat’s last theorem is pictured.  I think, it was in 1993 I first, heard of this famous problem when England born Oxford/Princeton mathematician Andrew Wiles unveiled the solution. In 1996 or so, there was this documentary telecast in BBC on Andrew Wiles and his journey to solving one of the greatest (if not greatest, one of the most talked about problem) problem in the history of mathematics. A high class documentary is archived in youtube. I am not sure whether it was BBC who made it originally. I see that some youtube link shows UTV.

Here is another piece of writing/blog on this subject (by Chloe Albanesius).