I am at aghast when these sort of things are happening in 21st century.  Zahra Bahrami was executed by the Iranian government! Where has the civilization gone? A large section of our world still hangs and hails the Neanderthal laws. So sick of these religion and cowardly laws being prevailed in many parts. Make a mockery of humanity.

I didn’t know much about Zahra Bahrami. Couple of years ago, I happened to see an Iranian protest in Lausanne down town. The mass then were protesting against the large scale rigging which took place in their country, during the general elections. Apparently, during a home protest the ruling government had arrested Zahra Bahrami, who held a dual citizen citizenship  of of Dutch-Iranian. A series of reports and news piece popped up everywhere in Internet, calling for a fair trial in the case.

Now, much to the world’s surprise the Iranian government hanged Zahra Bahrami for what many perceive as a fake case involving drug possession. Whatever be the truth, nothing justifies a government execution of this kind. In civilized society, there is no place for such barbaric acts. Shame!