In recent times, I heard about these Somali pirates. Initially, I brushed aside as just another news piece. The repeated presence of their action in news papers prompted me to explore a bit about these characters. And guess what, there is some kind of history to their origin. As expected, Wikipedia has stuffed quite  a lot of details already.

Somali Pirates are without doubt, a threat to the world. But think about this. According to many reports, including that from a United Nations study, says that, this came as a result of the rest of the world (read, the rich trading nations)’s exploitation and illicit dumping of toxic wastes in the Somali waters. The toxication of their waters severely damaged the livelihood of majority of Somalians who largely relied on fishing to make a living. So, actually the locals were forced to take up piracy as a means to live. What a pity. Whom to blame?