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Over the weekend, I watched the new animation movie from Walt Disney. It is the fairy tale story of Stuepnsil. A really nice movie. Quite different from many of the animation movies of the past.

So, Google is going to have Larry Page as CEO from April 4. Eric Schmidt is going to head the strategic drives.

What an epic clash this at the first round of Australian open, between the local boy Hewitt and Argentine Nalbandian. Who can forget the 2005 epic clash between Nalbandian and Hewitt? That day, Hewitt just had the luck to edge out Nalbandian. Come 2010, the excitement and clash was as good as 2005, just that the winning number changed sides. And this time, first round itself. What a great start for this Australian open!

A Nalbandian Nadal clash somewhere down the lane is likely. How will the two best friends in circuit clash there. I cant wait.

Tom Kailath is a genius when it come to presenting concepts. His talk at USC during the annual Viterbi lecture in 2011 was no exception. He talked about the connection between radiative transfer and how some of the results there beautifully connected to algorithms used in communications. As always, the master of many had a lot of stories to tell and it was mind blowing, to say the least.

So, things are going great for the high tech. Hopefully things will stay like this for a while. Intel just reported a strong 4th quarter result. Q4,10 to Q4,11 increase in revenue is 40%. Wow! The forecast is looking good too. Clearly, the tablet market is set to explode. The upbeat was reflective in the market as well. The good thing with big brother companies like Intel is that, they can take the market along. When they produce great results, it generally strengthens the health of the industry as a whole. When they take a hit, the impact is disastrous for the high tech houses and semiconductor industry in particular.

In recent times, I heard about these Somali pirates. Initially, I brushed aside as just another news piece. The repeated presence of their action in news papers prompted me to explore a bit about these characters. And guess what, there is some kind of history to their origin. As expected, Wikipedia has stuffed quite  a lot of details already.

Somali Pirates are without doubt, a threat to the world. But think about this. According to many reports, including that from a United Nations study, says that, this came as a result of the rest of the world (read, the rich trading nations)’s exploitation and illicit dumping of toxic wastes in the Somali waters. The toxication of their waters severely damaged the livelihood of majority of Somalians who largely relied on fishing to make a living. So, actually the locals were forced to take up piracy as a means to live. What a pity. Whom to blame?

Other than the title tag of being the founding father of Western Philosophy, the first thing I remember about Socrates is the saying “I know nothing about me, other than that I know nothing”.

It is quite amazing that, Socrates has never bothered to write books or manuscript. It is largeley due to the remarks and subsequent referencing through works of his illustrious students, we got to know something about the great thinker and philosopher. Without Plato, we probably wouldnt have got to know much about him.

And by the way, Steve Jobs had this to say about Socrates: “I would trade all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates” (Newsweek, 2001). See the Wikipedia link for details.

If this is true, then this has to be one of the heaviest buy in the communication industry. Atheros buy may well be a WLAN entry for Qualcomm. Fingers crossed!

I just caught hold of this bizarre news from a recent verdict by a lower court in India. A community serving NGO doctor is sentenced life term for some strange accusation. Dr.Binayak Sen, a Vellore medical college alumni (Vellore medical college is one of the premier medical school in India) is serving the poorest of poor in one of the north Indian state (Chathisgarg).

A friend of mine, asked me whether I know anything about IPNLMS. Honestly, I didnt even hear about this. He said it is something like progressive NLMS. We did a bit of googling and then found that it is somewhat a new adaptive scheme.

Well, IPNLMS stands for Improved Proportionate Normalized Least Mean Square scheme, which is a modified version of the well known NLMS technique used in adaptive filter theory. OK, the idea of IPNLMS as I understood is, as follows. Each of the coefficient (tap) is independently updated, where the adaptation step is proportional to the estimated filter coefficient. How is this helping?

I was off from computer and internet for a few days, during the year end holidays. The thrill of going through some of the scenic mountains and farm lands was simply freshening.  This morning, while scanning through some articles, I caught the attention of Ian Chappell’s piece on Ricky Ponting. Good read, but touch sad to see a sad end to Ponting this way. A master on his on merit truly deserve a better end to his amazing test career. But then, sport is cruel and unpredictable at times. I don’t know whether Ponting has the same resolve as Tendulkar, who by the way is still going strong as ever.


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