Just heard from my EPFL folks that Mathematica 8 is just released. I am yet to get a chance to see it working, but I will look forward to it someday. I am quite happy with Mathematica7 already, but Wolfram always bring radical new stuffs which is special. In fact I am mighty pleased with version 7, but who knows what all new stuffs there in 8? I have been a huge fan of Mathematica since the early 2000, ever since Nandu (Nandakishore Santhi) introduced his new tool. tI use it pretty much for every computational mathematics job. These days, I even use it for plotting, much more than Matlab. Looks like there are a lot of new features added in 8. One of the claim from Wolfram is that, they added a lot of new stuffs on aids to work with (probability) distributions, which I think is going to help me a lot. One stellar new thing I notice (from the announcement) is linguistic argument support. Boy, that is hell a lot killer application. Forget the syntax then. If you want to plot a sin(x) with grid on, type just that sentence! That’s it! Rest Mathematica will do. Wow! Wow! How much is it for an upgrade? Or should I go for a trial? I can’t wait!