Was following the latest test match between India Australia test being held at Bangalore. Today is the 5th day and it is heading for an exciting finish. I was glued to  cricinfo for online updates. Cricinfo ball by ball commentary is always interesting with occasional wits and funny side remarks. With lot of online readers and followers, there is no shortage of hilarious comments. Here is an interesting passage on the final innings when India was chasing 201 on a crumbling, and alarmingly reverse swinging pitch at Bangalore. Tendulkar is batting!

Just to give a prelude, if we turn back the clock to 1999, when India was touring Australia. Remember that infamous LBW decision against Tendulkar? The Umpire Harper and bowler Mcgrath? Here is the video snap for your take on the controversy.

Now, 11 years later, the same two counties are playing each other. The batsman is the very same Tendulkar, but everything else is different, including the playing country (Bangalore and not Adelaide), the  umpire is not Harper either. Anyway, here is cricnfo running commentary:

21.1 Watson to Pujara, no run, 129.3 kph, played off the front foot towards mid-off
“When you play for 21 years, nothing is new to you and everything that can happen has happened before. Even the ‘hit-on-shoulder-LBW’,” says Insachwetrust. Imagine the fun if Harper was here to give this one too.
End of over 20 (5 runs) India 104/2 

SR Tendulkar 8* (15b 2×4) SR Watson 4-0-10-1
CA Pujara 43* (54b 4×4) PR George 4-0-21-0
19.6 Watson to Tendulkar, no run, 131.0 kph, he lets another one pass down leg side
19.5 Watson to Tendulkar, no run, 129.6 kph, left alone down the leg side
19.4 Watson to Tendulkar, no run, 136.2 kph, shades of Adelaide! Tendulkar ducks into a short ball and gets hit on the shoulder by one that does not rise at all. Watson appeals, just like McGrath did in Adelaide, but Bowden says not out, unlike Harper did in 1999. Replays suggest the ball grazing the bails.
19.3 Watson to Tendulkar, no run, 130.2 kph, he wasn’t in control of this one, reaching for the ball outside off and thick-edging towards gully
19.2 Watson to Tendulkar, FOUR, 129.1 kph, perfect. Tendulkar moves forward to a full and straight ball and meets it with a straight bat, driving the ball with care past the stumps at the bowler’s end
19.1 Watson to Pujara, 1 run, 127.0 kph, Pujara stays on the back foot to Hussey at gully, Hussey lobs the ball towards Paine who wasn’t expecting it, the Indians steal an overthrow
No slips in place, just a gully.