I am at Dublin attending the IEEE Information Theory Workshop ITW 2010. The city is small, but beautiful. I will write a bit about my Dublin experience later. Apart from the Whiskey (which I don’t drink anyway, but I am going to go for the whiskey tasting tour organized as part of the ITW program, on thursday evening) there is rich literary legacy. The Bernard Shaw and James Joycee belongs to this famous city. And oh dear, Yeats, my favourite poet in the adolescent years. My wife (then my fiancee) still says that she was truly impressed when I’d recited those Yeats poems, many years ago!  But then, I was so fond of poetry back then. Now, with (lack of) time and tide, things just got locked in nostalgia, alone. I am definitely going to spend sometime in the Dublin literary museum, this weekend, before flying to Geneva.

My talk, (on the joint work with Emmanuel) is on Tuesday afternoon. Need to work a bit on the slides too! Feeling a touch tired, after the sleep being deprived for the last two days! I will also try to pen down a bit on some of the interesting talks I am going to attend.