As an Indian, I take a lot of pride to learn that the International congress of Mathematicians 2010 is being held in India. It is currently ongoing at Hyderabad, India between 19th to 27th August. Even though I am many a mile away from there now and in spite of  myself not really directly or indirectly participating, it brings immense joy to see India getting a chance to show a piece of International math progress  in modern times too. The Fields medalists , Nevanlinna prize as well as the Gauss medals and Chern medals are announced during the congress.  It is great to hear that Dan Spielman getting the Nevanlinna honor. As a coding theory enthusiast, it is doubly exciting to hear that for the second time, someone  from the same field (after Madhu Sudan received one in 2001) get to hold the coveted prize.

The award winners are:

Fields medal: Elon Lindenstrauss, Ngo Bao Chau, Stanislav Smirnov and Cedric Villani. One Israeli, a Vietnamese, a Russian who lives in Switzerland and a Frenchman. Here is a nice interview transcript where Robert Siegel talks to Julie Rehmeyer, discussing the award winners. A pretty nice brief bio introduction to the fabulous medalists.

Congratulations to all winners. The Fields Medal announcement is here. Nevalinna, Gauss and Chern medals announcement is here.