Indeed this Vishy Anand has given me way too Anand (happiness) today. I was looking forward to this news. Was following the game online too. Playing with black, in what was dubbed as  final game is never easy. All results were possible today. Such was the build up which we witnessed in this fabulous championship this year. Several things were pinned against Anand, starting from the 40 hour road trip to reach Sofia just a day before the final. To make matters worse, then Anand suffered a fist game loss. Playing against a fantastic task master in his own courtyard. But then Vishy Anand is known to beat obstacles with courage, stength and determination. Topalov is a tough task master and has a great tactical mind when the chess board is in front. The old USSR blood is in him all around. Vishy could oustclass him too. Well done Anand. You made my day. You are the champion and hero. yet again! As New york times aptly reported, the chess world now has a new king; It is the same old king from Chennai, India .