It is beyond comprehension to accept the shocking plane crash which killed the cream of the Polish government, including the president Lech Kacenski. What make it even more startling is the decision to have as many as about 20 of the top administrative layer to pack inside a single aircraft.  Ironically, Kacsynski and the team were enroute to attend the 70th anniversary of the infamous  massacre of the polish army at the hands of the former soviet secret police.  Apprently the pilot was adamant to do a landing at Smolensk in Western Russia, in spite of the warning from the ground traffic control about the increased for prevailed.  If the ground control clearly discouraged a landing in the thick fog, why on earth did the pilot dared to do that insane act. Flying a country’s premier political and defense personnel, it is only a curious case of being silly. What a loss to Poland.