It was only an exhibition match, but for a great cause to alleviate a little bit of the pain of an awestruck nation due  to the earthquake. The damages and the loss of people can never be compensated. It is beyond what we can comprehend and fathom. Hopefully the money collected out of the exhibition help to rebuild the hopes of the unfortunate Haiti people.

The game itself was set with an awesome theatrical presence. Arguably the best two of the men ever played tennis positioned one side. Sampras and Federer need no introduction of any kind, do they. They announced their aura straighaway by a series of volleys and top serves. Afterall, they just have 30 grandslams between them, Just? Who patrolled the other side of the net? Agassi-Nadal combo. Boy, can you ask for more, if you are a tennis fan?

I really enjoyed watching these games. Agassi was at his imperial best, cracking jokes. Equally good were the Sampras-Fedex pair who at best are stoic when it comes to mood display in public. But even these  usually laconic persona gave away to some fun talking throughout the match through the microphone. In all, it was different, but filled with fun. And what is more, it was all done for a good cause.