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Hearing the news about the massive earthquake, I thought how unfortunate, the people of that island nation is.  The latest natural calamity accounted to the death of easily over a quarter million helpless people, not to forget the many maillions injured and displaced.  Already the people were dragged into a state of helplessness, by the shabby governance, lack of administrative will to prevent crime and corruption besides the general economic and social crisis, which has been prevailing for years in the island nation. The frequent calamities visiting the nation, is literally draining all hopes for a decent humane life there. Natural calamities of this scale can shatter any country, even the most developed ones. But, looking at the images and reading reports of the Haiti catastrophe, I feel for the people. Even when there is  increasing support from the world community to extend aid to the ailing nation, there are significant hurdles before the affected people get to bite a bread.  It seems that, even a relief camp positioned 2 km away from the airport is not accessible, because of the poor infrastructure.

The infrastructure and development in general was poor even before the calamity. The nation is one of the poorest nation in the world, let alone in the American continent. The governance is often criticised for sheer negligence. What is agonizing is that, the country has rich resources, both natural and people. Yet, the reality paints a sorry picture. It is agonizing. Is this all human?

While trying to analyze the effect of PA bias on the linearity aspects of power amplifier, I came across an analytical model of a BJT amplifier. It is known as the Gummel Poon model.  A quick Wikipedia check on the history suggests that, the model is about 40 years old. I need to figure out the model in detail. I am not sure how good they are as a model equivalent for a cmos. In any case I reckon this may be useful to analyze things such as RF power amplifier nonlinearity?


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