In the end, Barcelona, quite fittingly became the champions league champions by drubbing Manchester United 2-0.  It is only fair to say that, they outsmarted Man United in the final.The semifinal between Barcelona and Chelsea had its fair share of drama, but the final was pretty much a Barca show, throughout. Andres Iniesta was awesome today.  It was he who stole the show, amidst all the talk of this match as a Ronaldo versus Messi showdown. For ManUnited part, they had their best share of the game in the first few minutes. Barring that, it was nearly one sided to my eyes.

I was watching the game on line sopcast through some Chinese TV. It was awful for two reasons. One, I couldn’t understand the language (my fault that in entirety), but the more funny and annoying thing was their pure dumpness when Barcelona advances or scored. I guess the commentators were hard core ManU fans. Earlier, I was watching the EPFL multicast, which had the french commentary. It was quite exciting and neutral. Once I reached home, the only thing worked for me was this Chinese TV. Anyway, glad that I could watch the final. That is satisfying!

Man United fans will surely find themselves let down by their team. Ronaldo did his best, but that apart, the team had nothing in display. When the Chelsea-Barcelona semifinal was lined up, I had two things to balance. One to support one of my favourite team, Chelsea and the other to seek a possibility to beat Man U in the final. Clearly Barcelona had a better chance to beat the united and they showed us with minimal contest. Well done Barca. You are the champions, truly and squarely.