Soccer matches, champions leagues in particular are never short of emotions. It reached the very pinnacle during this years champions league semifinal between Chelsea and Barcelona. Players went a little too far in the climax stage. Norwegian referee Tom Henning Ovrebo was the perceived villain in the whole drama, while Chelsea players went a little wild to protest against the faulted referee.  Considering the significance of a decision separating a finalist from a tournament exit; that too one of this magnitude, it is partly understandable, the outburst in the heat.

Have your ever wondered the value of three minutes of time? Try to seek an answer from Chelsea players and fans! That three minutes of extra time brought the team from heaven to earth. The simmering semifinal at this year Champions league saw high drama throughout the match and especially towards the end, where an equalizer from Barcelona shutting all hopes for the home team’s chances to get through to the final. I have been quite unhappy with the away goal rule as an equivalent to win mandate, but that is a rule which is well into the league and nothing can be done about it. But the sad thing in this event is that Chelsea was badly overlooked by the referee in many penalty claims. At least one for sure for the handling the ball by Gerard Pique in the Barcelona penalty box. Hard core Chelsea fans would consider that they were clearly denied of as many as five penalty claims.   The emotion displayed by the players in the heat of those high sensitive moments is partly justified in that sense.

I can understand the heart breaking letdown for Chelsea fans. It is not that big a club in terms of history or fan following, but Chelsea managed to gather a reasonable fan base since Abramovich poured money in the last few years. Considering that they were in the final of the championships last year, this loss would bite the fans so dearly, shutting that elusive wish list of a repeat final and a possible return of fortune against Manchester United. Alas! That was not to be! In any case, the match was an incredible one. Both goals were stupendous. But Sanford bridge fans would have never ever imagined that three minutes of extra time would break their heart so very dearly. But that is the way sport and sporting emotions go at times. That is the beauty of sport too. It can bring in surprises from the most unsurprising corners. This match will be remembered for a very long time.

Barcelona on the other hand is playing well and can seriously challenge ManU in the final. So, we are in for a thrilling contest in the finals.

On an impact side, the danger coming with this loss for Chelsea is the money investment by its boss Abramovich. The billionaire owner is hit recently  by the world wide economic downtime where in a single year he found himself poor by 40%. That being said he still has over 10 Billion USD or so, but the question is whether he will still have the enthusiasm to pour (his precious) money to feed the Ballacks and the Lampards. After all you need a lot of money to keep these boys.

Now, looking forward to the final, I hope Barcelona beat ManU! Barca is in great form and the chances are high for them to clinch that trophy. I wouldnt care less if ManU wins another one, but Barca and ManU, please give us another thriller.