Oh boy! Didn’t this five foot five inches little big fella make us feel a little better today? Didn’t those back foot cover drives served our eyes as little soothing gels? Didnt the rolling of the leather ball deflected from middle of that MRF stickered famous bat, on to a lush green turfs to the boundary boards of the beautiful Hamilton cricket ground, fetched moisture to our eyes, even while gluing to the live stream on the LCD screen, all  in the darkness of the midnight hours?  I had stayed awake into the wee hours of a cold Lausanne night, to see his masterful show in the first innings of first test at Hamilton. As  Mark Richardson commentating remarked,  the innings of Tendulkar had been an absolute batting clinic. There were quite a few stamp shots of class, which included a few front foot cover drives, couple of back foot cover drives, the cut shots and the impeccable straight drive which separated the trace of the ball  epsilon inches away from the stumps at the non striker’s position.