Last week I conducted couple of quizzing events in Bangalore. One at the apartment and the other at office. It is after quite a long gap, I ventured into this nostalgic event. It was fun recollecting some from my old notebooks and some I added with the context in mind. Of course the level of questions were all prepared for not strict quizzers but enthusiastic folks. In the end both the events turned out to be good. In Fairmont, some genuine quizzers were in and that made it more interesting, but overall a satisfying experience. Since the few ones I conducted in Synopsys, it was worth a try. The days of weekly quizzing at REC and inter-college events all came to my mind.
I am not sure, whether my rational to quit quizzing in 2000 for the mere waste of time and insufficient depth in topic were all quite true. If I were to look back, the fun of quizzing created a huge data structure of events and topics where in I began to appreciate depth in few of the subject of my interest. If I were to be back in high school and undergrad, I should still do this. The fun of knowing this world, the people and the trivia are little too much to resist.

I composed the list I prepared for these events. They are uploaded here [1]

Some of the sample questions used are:

  1. Ys was an opulent mythical city. It was believed to be the most wonderful city in the world. When the city collapsed and the Romans decided to build a modern city, they wanted the newer one to be as equal if not more to Ys, in opulence and magnificence. The native ethnic Britons and the Romans thus called the new city by this name, as it is known today. Which city am I talking about?
  2. This company was established in 1865 as a pulp, paper and rubber company on the bank of a river, from which the town and the company name itself derived. The name of the river itself originated from a dark fury animal which was known in the local language as the word, now given to the company. Knut Fredrick Idstam started this company. Later in the 1970s they have decided to venture into Communications and stormed into the world leadership. Which company am I talking about?
  3. Could you please tell me who the person on screen is? What is the significance of this presentation: Double points at stake: The ‘e’ is written little differently!

  1. Who said these words and to whom: I am speaking with you from the Oval Office of the White House and this certainly has to be the most historic telephone call ever made?
  2. This drink was originally named Bib-Label Lemon soda. Its inventor then considered and rejected 6 alternative names before deciding on the final name. Which drink?
  3. Edvige Antonia Albina Maino attended a certificate course in English at The Bell Educational Trust’s language school in the city of Cambridge. There, she met her future husband who was studying at Trinity College, Cambridge. Her marriage to him in 1968 took her life on a course that would later see her being named as the” Third most powerful woman in the world” by the Forbes magazine in 2004. Identify the couple.
  4. These are some of the facts about this company. Dead give away cluesJ
    The capital amount collected – $2718281828 , Natural Logarithm, Napier constant e = 2.718281828
    The total number of shares floated during initial public offer – 14142135 ( Square root of 2 = 1.4142135)
    Total number of shares offered during second round of IPO – 14159265 (Pi = 3.14159265)

Just name this company

  1. In an effort to put together the perfect tennis player, World Tennis magazine once chose the arms of Martina Navratilova, the hands of Stefan Edberg, the shoulders of Gabriela Sabatini, the
    torso of Ivan Lendl the mind of Michael Chang and my legs. Who am I?
  2. Cricket: Listen carefully though! Tell me, who is the only bowler who credit to have dismissed all the opposite side batsmen in a test match (Dismissed all the 11 players in either or both innings).
  3. Identify this city (See the image):
  4. By 1907, the term began to show up in high-profile women’s magazines and eventually, around 1912, it appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary. Which term. The word derives from an Old French word meaning “arm protector” and referring to military uniform. This later became used for a military breast plate, and later for a type of woman’s corset. Which term?
  5. I was born in 1852. My passions were mostly elliptic functions, integral equations, quadratic reciprocity, number theory etc. Unfortunately I was living my life during which there were lots of political struggle in France. I do believe that mathematics and research should not be influenced by Politics. As a result of my refusal to vote for the government’s candidate in 1824 my pension was stopped and I died in poverty.” This is what Abel had to say about me after my death. “He is an extremely amiable man, but unfortunately as old as the stones”. “I believe that I am quite highly respected in the Higher mathematics world these days.”. Who is this prolific mathematician?