I am not a very religious person, but I love visiting religious places. Isn’t this quite contrary? Perhaps yes, but I cant explain the rational, psychological or emotional theory behind this. I don’t necessarily like to go to crowded temples. I am of the quite kind, who cherish visiting a quite temples, in serene settings. Of course a quite chant or classical or vocal music played in the background is highly welcome. Is it very difficult to find such temples around? Fortunately not so hard to find in Kerala. There are aplenty all across the region. There are many around my home in Nileshwar, Kasargod and its neighborhood as well.

But among all the many temples, I have visited there is a special charm to the Vadakkunathan temple in Trichur. All the criteria of a good temple suggested above are met without doubt, by this temple. Besides, it is so clean and maintained well. The architecture of this temple is reminiscent of the old Kerala style. It is believed that this temple is more than 1000 years. The temple is spread across a considerable amount area, almost at the heart of the Trichur town, but once you are inside, you are far from all the hues and cries of a busy town. It is so quite (unless there is a major festival) and calming. Kerala is blessed with a good share of monsoon rain, which makes the ground (everywhere in Kerala) scenic with lush natural green. The presence of a large number of big trees (Banyan trees and mango trees) adds some extra colour to this temples.

The temple has many deities inside. Well, I am not quite particular about any. But there are many small temples inside the premise, each worshiping a different god or goddess. You would find a continuous stream of god fearing people flowing inside out, from one to another of these temples, whenever the temple is open to puja offerings.

I felt really good being inside (Not spiritual of any kind). A sort of melancholic perhaps. My wife is a bit god fearing and pious and she felt much more satisfying than me. In a way, we both had a very gratifying outing in the form of visiting a temple. This is not the first time, we visited this temple. I had come here many times, thanks to the many friends I have in Trichur. But every time, I come here I find it extra special. Something more beautiful than the previous one.

Some of the scenes from the inside area of the temple are seen here on this page