Last weekend failed bomb scare at Glasgow and UK [1] has brought in more cowardliness about the so called religious terrorism. I am at complete aghast to understand the motive behind killing innocent people. What kind of ideology and religious uprightness is displayed out of such heinous and uncivilized acts? Time and again, we hear about bomb blasts here and there and in the aftermath, claim from some one saying that this is done to protest on so and so for supporting so an so. To me, if this is what religion brings into the society (whichever it is), then it is doing more harm than the little goods. I cannot understand the idea of pleasing ones’ god by killing people who out of their innocence have to face the act of stupidity of some senseless individuals or groups.

What shocked me more, in this last week incident is the involvement of some Indian doctors and engineers. It is shameful indeed. I can understand if this is done by someone who is desperate in life, for not been able to lead a normal life, out of unemployment or poverty. Here the characters involved, rather suspected are middle class individuals, who went to a foreign country to lead a better education and life. Instead of bringing fame, they chose to make stupid of themselves by involving in such rubbish acts. What are they trying to prove? Who are they going to please? By doing such senseless acts, they brought disgrace to the entire nation. I cant talk about any religion, because I don’t know what is taught and practiced by many religions. At least, the radical religious views are something new to me. Never in my childhood or schools or collages, I have come across people talking religion fanatically (I am lucky in a way that my friends were more social than overly mad about religion). We all lived and studied together, without really arguing about the rights or wrongs about any bodies religious rights.

Because, these acts are often linked to religious sentiments, they become over sensitive and people tend to take it either personal or critical. I am sure, these are done with a cover of religion, but the real motives of this is inhumane. It is high time, the Governments and intelligence wings do a thorough background checks on the irresponsible networking of youths. The youths must be taught the values of respecting lives of other human beings if not more. It has to be a huge social initiative. We all have to forget about being overly religious and reserved about a particular religion or religious values alone. What is good for others only can be good for ourselves. If there is god, then he cant be so stupid to see innocent people being killed by such irresponsible acts of few ill behaved individuals or groups.