Roger Federer is on his way to the pantheon of greats. He is scaling heights at a never heard before pace. This Swiss poses the ultimate capacity limits in question. Almost 5 seasons without a loss, which is hitherto unheard of! I am not quite sure, whether the quality of opponents positioned a logarithmic scale negative with respect to him. or just that his game made to belittle others by this maestro’s impeccable tennis?. In any case, he is confident, brilliant and at times genius, all displayed on tennis courts. I have become a huge fan of him. Ever since Sampras retired, he put tennis to an ever green loving game, with champion performances.

“I mean, look, I guess I’m the best tennis player in the world. You can call me a genius because I’m outplaying many of my opponents, kind of maybe playing a bit different, you know, winning when I’m not playing my best. All of that maybe means a little bit of that. So it’s nice,” This is what stated by a ‘humble’ Roger Federer after winning his third Australian Open title, couple of days ago in Melbourne.

…and this is what Sampras has to say about his chances against Federer.

“I think our games are pretty similar. It would have been a great clash to see us in our prime. Roger is doing what I never did; dominate the way he is. He’s lost five matches in two years, that’s unheard of. But I feel like my game is too big to be dominated by someone. When my game was on, my serve was on, I felt I was tough to beat. I felt unbeatable.”