Looks like (after the London meeting) the 802.11n proposal is moving towards Draft2.0! The draft proposal 1.10 now has got the voting approval by 100-0 (5 absentees as well). I guess this is a good sign after all those funny and at times enthralling debates and fights to get a standard up. Now that this is getting standardized, we could all wait to see the 600Mbps maximum reach (in ideal case, which is not practical anyway) wireless lan soon. It say be very soon, because the solution is almost ready to get into market. I guess you could guess who all have this draft 1.10 solution all ready and raring to the dollar stage!

Today morning I get to hear that apple is ready to give a firmware upgrade to enable 802.11n draft support. They don’t give this free however. You got to pay about 2 USD to get this upgrade. Not bad yeah! Do you want to make a guess on whose 11n solution was it? Well you got it right!