After much speculation, the cat is finally out. Apple formally announced that the rumour indeed had substance. Like its landmark product launches in the past, they unveiled the apple version of mobile phone in grand style. What do they call? No point in guessing it. It has to be an ‘iphone’ (Wait a minute though! Cisco has already come out in public to state that the name “iPhone” is something, that they have copyrighted. Now, will Apple change this name altogether? Well, we have to wait and see)

The rumour that Apple is targeting the mobile phone world was in the air for sometime. Their 200 odd patents filed/granted, all related to mobile phone development (mainly operating system and application side of it) perhaps substantiated the much talked about rumours. Whatever it may be , I just liked the look of it. Myself haven’t seen a model in reality, but the picture looks awesome. Quite stunning to the eyes! It is priced a little high, but then with apple, you may say that it is worth its price. Myself, being a mobile phone system designer, I am keen to know the performance of these phones…and a little bit more about their design. Am I too greedy here? It is very unlikely that apple developed all by itself. Surely, the design must have come from various design houses and semiconductor companies. Who may have provided the baseband solution/design? We will get to know it soon. If my guess is any good (I am pretty bad at it anyway!) the bluetooth must have come from CSR (Well, this is no insider information!). Perhaps, the big names in the semiconductor industry soon turn up with credits! Surely, they must be proud. As a gadget, the appearance and style are very unlikely to be questioned, but let us see how good a mobile phone it is.

After ipod, is this the break Apple looking for? I see a huge opportunity unexplored (yet!, yes, but true and I strongly believe it) on the mobile market. Putting all these bits and pieces, I see apple rocking in the coming days. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an amazing electronic design company shaping up from here. Now, after mobile phones, they must be surely looking into other consumer electronics products as well. Perhaps, this was the right door to step in, for Steve Jobs’s now champion company. Are we all set to see another Sony in the making, after all?