Once again India’s celebrated cricketers messed up a game (and the series in the process) which they should have won comfortably. It was a pathetic performance by the Indian team in the second innings. The Indian cricket fans must be sorely disappointed by this team with celebrated names like Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly and Lakshman. It was a spineless show by the batsmen in the second innings. The way, Tendulkar, who was supposed to be a champion batsman and Dravid crawled against a south African left arm spinner (Mind you Indians are known to play the best against spinners). Tendulkar had a bad back, but then this was one of the best opportunity for him to show his dominant skills. Not often you see an Indian team on the verge of winning a test series abroad. They had their nose in front for a series win, but made a colossal mess out of it. What a shame. Time and again our celebrity rated cricketers let the multi billion fan followers in India, by the hapless approach to the game. Tendulkar who was immune to criticism, must surely be getting some share for this performance.

This same week, the English cricketing team got perfect rubbing from Australians with a 5-0 white wash in Ashes test series. I was reading angry remarks and criticisms by former English cricketers and fans for the way England team performed during this Australian summer. I am sure, Indian cricketing fans, former players and journalists must be feeling very similar against this Indian team. Not that, the team of the past were any better, but this is a classic example, where a match and series thrown out, from a clear winning position. The cricketers, especially the senior batsmen (including Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly and Lakshman) must feel shame for themselves. They are elevated to stardom by this poor cricket fans, but when the opportunity arrived, they forgot all about cricket. What a shame to this multi billion dollar sports business run with money predominantly from this poor, poverty stricken “developing” country!