Aart De Geus talks about EDA (Electronic Design Automation)! Will you find a better person to talk on this subject anyway? (There is a saying often said in the lighter vein among my friends on Aart and synthesis. “Are you trying to tell Aart De Geus to write a (chip) Synthesis script?“. Obviously that reference is used to refer something very easy a task. Art is a pioneer in Synthesis! He is arguably very good at it anyway!).
Excellent interview and a must watch for anyone with an interest in technology of electronic chips. Aart is a commendable suit for any interview or discussion. He can simplify a billion gate complex topic to a layman. I remember one of his presentation, where he started with a blank slide(transparency) and then talked for an hour about the evolution of electronic design automation. (He would start writing cartoon strips on the transparency). Man, he is an awesome presenter. The full video is available for viewing (streaming video) at [1]

By the way, I found [2 www.chiphistory.com] very interesting. Some remarkable (literally so) interviews lined up there. I just loved it. Didnt have the time to view all of them. Managed to view a couple (One ofcourse from Aart on EDA and the other, a rather brief chat with Craig Barret who talks about the fundamental importance of Math and science in technology)