Remember Gerald Hsu [1,2,3,4,5,6] aka Gerry Hsu? The Avant! CEO who was in the limelight in early 2000s for all the wrong reasons! The story of Avanti and the infamous law suit by Cadence against certain stolen source code from Cadence by Avanti, surely stands up among the folklore’s in the EDA community:-). It is best known for a long running legal battle with Cadence Design Systems, of which Business week said[2]

“The Avant! case is probably the most dramatic tale of white-collar crime in the history of Silicon Valley” 


Were you wondering, what he is up to these days? I have come across this little audio excerpts of a recent interview from Gerald Hsu to some Korean journalist/broadcaster (in English). Here is the mp3 version of that interview (audio) excerpts. He even post regular blogs.

Let us see some of the related quotations/remark related to the infamous avant!-cadence battle from case filing through the settlement:“It removes the clouds, opens up a new age and closes a chapter of the EDA industry that is best closed” [1]–Aart de Geus, chairman and CEO of Synopsys

“Accepting a settlement and agreeing not to pursue any more litigation against Avanti seemed the prudent thing to do” [1]–Ray Bingham, president and chief executive officer at Cadence

“A lot of people think lawsuits hurt the EDA industry when, in fact, stealing does more damage. Stop stealing and stop complaining when EDA companies sue other companies for taking their property. Avanti Chief Executive Officer Gerry Hsu set a precedent that you can build a company on stolen property, use that stolen property to get a head start on the competition, and, even if the courts find you guilty, walk away a multimillionaire. Vendors shouldn’t encourage this practice, and, after the courts have handed down a decision, consumers shouldn’t, either. (If you think IP theft is no big deal, wait a few years; chances are that it will likely hurt you, too)” —Michael Santarini (EDN) [6]