It appears that a single RF solution for multiple wireless communication reception is near to reality. A startup firm (or is it a VC firm) tied up with UCLA, apparently have come out, already with a working prototype. I got to read this  excerpts on-line. Dr. Alireza Tarighat (the illustrious student of Prof Sayed of UCLA) is instrumental behind it? Well, do they have a cannon solution for MIMO as well? Developing an RF Circuit Capable of Receiving All Services in the 800MHz to 5GHz Range on One Chip. . . p. 105 The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and WiLinx (WiLinx) Corp, a venture capital firm located in LosAngeles, California, have developed an architecture that enables the reception of wireless services over a wide range of frequencies, from 800MHz to 5GHz, with just one RF circuit. They have already manufactured a prototype chip with those configurations. This holds hope for significant reductions in size of RF circuits for software radio devices that can receive multiple wireless services. Applied to portable devices, you would be able to create mobile phones on which you can switch freely between multiple wireless services. So-called “reconfigurable RF circuits,” for processing, on a single platform, wireless circuits for mobile terminals that can be used in various regions around the world, could be realized. The engineers who pursued the development explain their development concepts and details of the architecture.