Nothing much to write today, other than that superb goal from SB.

[Soni to SB]: Mate, how’s married life coming along?
[SB] : ………GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! (from a completely unexpected corner)
(What a goal it turned out to be! That was a goal and a half.)

That goal triggered quite a bit of laugh. We all had some good persistent time pass till 11 pm. Ajay’s exam writing skills (Electrical motor is….generator converts..something to….), Duke getting autonomous status…. to Selmans‘ now famous ‘Ila’ (banana leaf) marichidalvare‘…

From left: Selman, Binz, Praveen, Santosh B, Shantala, Maya, Soni and Appu. (yours truly is the photographer). Photo taken on 15th March 2006, Bangalore RT Nagar. It was the day before Praveen and Vijayalakshmi’s wedding (on 16th March 2006)

From left: Maya, Nivedita, Ratnu, Praveen, Viju, Santala, SB, Appu, Soni and Selman

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