On 26th afternoon, on the way from Bangalore home (HSR layout) to Airport Mahesh and I were discussing about how we disgust about many things around us, especially the ones we never dared to question in our earlier lesser privileged avatars. He narrated one simple incident about how bad he felt about a recent visit to the Bangalore railway station. We all know that Indian railway stations and trains in general has a unique smell. No point in guessing its origin. The point however is our distaste to be in such places, at a time of our life when we can afford to ‘simply fly’ (so says Air Deccan slogan..). Some times, these software jobs and good salaries get us to a point where we become almost intolerable to anything less than super luxury. Gone are the days we could think of going in a no-luxury KSRTC for a full night travel. Volvo buses have become the de facto bus for travel.

Only the other day, on the republic day special on IBN, there was a discussion on how Indians feel about their country and so on.. There was an interesting statistics. People outside India feel very strong about Patriotism, but on a second question on how many would like to feel the hassles of Indian life: Well, you guessed how many responded positive there!

I however do not feel that we are wrong to have this natural feeling. This was just an observation. Ofcourse everything in your life change with your income. In that sense it is just a natural truth. These days pre school fees for a child is multiple times more than my entire university education. The reality however is that, still there are millions out there on this very same world, feeling proud and enjoying a three hour ordinary KSRTC bus trip through the coast of Kerala. Indeed it should be that way. There is space for these little happiness in every bodies life.

mahesh was asking me, what if Broadcom stocks rocks and he make more money. Well, then cars other than Mercedes will become un tolerable!