Venu’s wedding at Trichur..

Myself and Appu attended Venu’s wedding on 25th Jan 2006 at the now famous Trichur! Trichur being so ‘famous‘, the bus crew didnt even bother to notice this famous town on their way to Ernakulam (from Bangalore). In true megadeth tradition, we alighted at some place called Ollur and travelled back to Trichur. Being the cultural capital, the auto fellow, charged one-and-a-half fare at 7.30am in the morning. Appu however didnt teach any further culture to the gentleman.

Anyway, as you would expect at any season, we were served the best breakfast by Babu’s mom. One line of thought for Babu’s Indica car here. We were offered (rather dared to request it in the first place) the car’s service and took it. Then it was all an experience. It had some stick in the place where you see ‘gear-stick’. It works based on the well known Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. Probably with a conjugate operation as well. The first gear for this was marked almost at the reverse gear position. At any time, you couldnt be sure on the exact position of the gear lock. Only with certain probability you can make any assurance. I could write a sonnet or two about its accelerator as well. But later..

Our arrival at the wedding house almost coincided with their departure to the wedding hall. Venu looked stunning in his white wedding attire. Perhaps wedding day is one of those beautiful occasions when everyone looks at their best (whether everyone like to be there in an ever smiling mode is debatable. SB would beg to opine on this).

At the wedding hall, Appukutts almost fell in love with a certain blonde. All sort of conspiracy theory, we worked out around her. As a true friend, I offered my share in making the theory strong enough to self argue that she is atleast engaged, if not married. We had to wait, monitor (and even book a seat just behind their row) until the lunch feast and then her departure to get the arguments stronger. It was a sad end to his three hour ‘nearly wed’ mode when her sister in law introduced her to some relative..”She has put on weight after wedding… what is the secret…hehe...” All at take was the black Santro car’s number and a photo. There was some uttering around me at that moment. ‘..Idiot!..’
Now readers question for this day. Who is this ‘Idiot‘ he is referring to? One clue. It is not me. May be a second clue. It is a ‘He‘ and not ‘She‘ !
..Who said it is all over?. Imran Khan would’ve said, there nothing impossible! If nothing promising happened yet, Appu knitted down a dummy model for himself, on how his would be look like:-)

Since I had to reach Bangalore early, I couldt spend too much time at the cultural capital. Appu however was other offering in the form of further tea-parties from prospective families around.

Some snaps from this Venu’s wedding. I am due to file some from Ramani’s and SB’s wedding too.