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Why I wonder why?
I wonder

I wonder why

I wonder why I wonder

I wonder why I wonder why

— Richard Feynman

Lance Armstrong is a phenomenon for sure. Ending a remarkable career with victory in Sunday’s Tour de France for the record 7th time! Having gone through all the difficult times with cancer etc, and reaching this far:-) Man, he is some sort of a guy! And interestingly, he then declared he had no regrets on the eve of retiring on a seventh Tour victory. Why should he? He has sailed quite a distance, separating the next best man, by a comfortable margin of history.

In the meanwhile, England was in their familiar suit, at the end of first Ashes test at Lords. They showed yet again that, the their batsmen panic in front of two names. A certain Shane Warne and Glen Mcgrath! Honestly, they do not have the batting talent to win a test match against Australia at this stage. That too, when the Aussie batsmen are themselves under par with their possible limit.

In the recent past, there has been considerable noise, on India, China and outsourcing and what not. There has been too much hype on wireless communication and signal processing companies building their strength in Bangalore.But from my experience, the number of companies working on anything from concept to product in Bangalore are less than ten, if not less. Most of the so called known names are happy with the hype around it, without really caring about the R&D itself. And ofco urse, the greedy work force turn happy very soon, with good enough pay to buy an apartment in HSR Layout or a Koramangala or Airport road. Tell me a technology focussed company who really has the guts to say that, they do everything in India!

For long, I was wondering whether v-blast and dfe are equivalent, and to my sweet speculation, I saw this Cioffi paper. May be I was stupid enough to think that, I could see some clever insight, but people before me had seen much further and deeper. Anyway, this happened to be my first blog plot.

On an entirely different note, I read this morning news, that the London police has admitted that, the shot the wrong person, in connection with last fortnight London blasts. How could they be so insane, on such an important and tactical issue? Is it that, the police went ahead and fired five bullets to some random guy, on the basis of general public’s speculation that, he had a thick jacket? While the bombing was a heinous crime, this mistake of shooting and killing an innocent guy should have been avoided. Atleast, the London police are honest to admit the mistake, unlike the many similar crimes done all over world.


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